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Rosebuds Aroma

Luxury Soy Candle

Luxury Soy Candle

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This highly scented soy candle is handmade in the United Kingdom with high grade fragrance loads. Fragrances are carefully infused in pure Soy Wax to give a breathtaking hot and cold scent throw.

Our luxury soy candle can be purchased from or essential oil range or as a fragrance oil candle, both remain highly scented and luxurious when lit.   

Weight: 7oz

Burning Time: Approx 60hrs


Safety Advice:  Never leave a candle unsupervised, the wick should be trimmed to a quarter of an inch before every use. When using the candle for the first time, allow the candle to burn for a maximum of 4 hours to get a full pool, this avoids tunnelling and ensures you get the full use of your candle. Remember to cover your candle with the lid after using. 


  • Made with Vegan friendly Soy Wax
  • High quality vegan friendly fragrance oils
  • Dried Botanicals (Rose petals, Lavender, Rosebuds and Marigold)
  • Vegan friendly mica


  • 1x snapbar per pack
  • 5x retangular cubes per snap bar
  • Up to 18 hours per full cube

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