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Create Your Light

Embark on a journey of peace and serenity with our range of handcrafted home fragrances. Blended with essential oils and botanicals our collections were intricately designed to promote mindfulness and self-love. Find out why our collections are adored worldwide and create your light.

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Essential Oil Wax melts


We believe in mindfulness, grounding and delicate designs

Created by an anxiety sufferer for anxiety suffers

Inspired by the 5-4-3-2-1 grounding technique. Our products were designed with you and your wellness in mind. We have sucessfully created products that support the use of 2-3 of the five senses to help support you during your challenging days. Check out our blog to learn more!

  • Botanicals (not just because their pretty)

    We infuse dried Rosebuds, Lavender, Rose petals and Marigold into a vase majority of our products. This is to stimulate the visual sense during grounding. By sitting and watching your botanical wax melt or wickless candle it can help you to connect to the present moment.

  • Rosebuds Aroma Candles and wax melts

    Essential Oils (Not just because they smell good)

    We have a selection of candles and wax melts infused with essential oils to help stimulate the olfactory senses during grounding. Molecules from the essential oil travel from the olfactory nerves to the amygdala which controls the emotional centre of the brain.

  • Crystals & Meditation (Not just because its a trend)

    We have a section of candles that are intensionally garnished with crystals for you to remove and hold in your hands whilslt reading the self-affirming inscription on the candle. This helps to support grounding by using the touch sensation. We also send a lavender bag with every order just incase your chosen product doesnt come with crystals.